How to Get to Orcha

Before considering how to get to Orcha, it becomes necessary what is at Orcha the following description shall create a desire to know how to get to Orcha



Orcha the Hidden Wonder:

Orcha is a town situated near the Banks of Betwa River, which is located in Madhya Pradesh a state of India. It is a city of medieval times comprised of temples and splendid palaces of the past. Orcha has been a very mighty kingdom of Central India founded by Bundela Rajput Rudra Pratap. The palaces still have the glory of the past telling the tales and tastes of the rulers of those times.

Orcha is of great interest of Tourists because it reflects ancient history of Kings and Kingdoms, which have vanquished the world over and their descendents are left with just the titles and memories of the past, with the modern civilization having tramped them in all corners of the world.

Getting to Orcha:

Orcha can be reached by boarding a train from Hazrat Nizamudin/New Delhi Taj Expresses, which starts at about 7.00 touching Agra the Town of 7th Wonder Taj Mahal, reaching Gawalior. From Gawalior a train takes to Jhansi. From Jhansi Orcha is only 15 Kilometers, which can be traveled by an Auto rickshaw. The distance from Jhansi to Orcha can be traveled within 30 minutes.

Orcha can also be combined with Khajuraho a prominent place of tourist attraction. One reaches Jhansi from Khajuraho and can follow the trip to Orcha as above. At the outskirts of Jhansi there is a Tringular crossing commonly known as Orcha Tigalia. A road on left takes you to Orcha. Follow the Direction as displayed on the sign post on the road.

Reaching Orcha:

Orcha has a Railway Station, where only few trains stop. Jhansi Khajuraho Train No.229A only stops at the Railway Station. The Orcha Railway station is again 5 Kilometers away from Orcha Town. From Orcha Railway station one can travel to town by an auto rickhaw, which is available outside Orcha Railway Station. One can travel as a share passenger or engage auto rickshaw exclusively.

On return journey also you can get Khajuraho-Jhansi Train No.230 A. Enquire the Train Timings from Jhansi Railway Station.

Since the only Link available to Orcha town is after reaching Jhansi, it is necessary that one show now how to reach Jhansi first.

The nearest Airports to Jhansi are located at Gawalior 103 kilometers and Khajuraho 175 kilometers. Tourists prefer to take the flight service to Khajuraho, see the tourist spots here and then move to Orcha.

Jhansi is junction lying on Mumbai (Bombay) Delhi route and Delhi Madras train route. It falls in the jurisdiction of Central Railway and is well linked to all destinations scattered in the country. Following are the trains which pass through Jhansi:

Trains Originating from East of India:

Dakshin Express, Chambal Exp, Bundelkhand Exp, Kushinagar Exp, Pushpak Exp, Rapti Sagar Exp, Sabarmati Exp, Mahakoshal Exp, Kerala Express, Bju Gwl Mail,  And Rjpb Indb Expre.

Trains Originating from Delhi:

Gondwana Expres, Jhelum Express, Punjab Mail, Bhopal Express, G T Express, Kerala Express,

Swarna Jayanti, Ujjaiyani Exp, Karnataka Exp, Ujjaiyani Exp and Chhatisgarh Exp.

National Highways numbered NH 25 and 26 pass through Jhansi, which connects Jhansi to Cities like Agra, Indor.

Orcha – Medieval Times

The Medieval Times Recount:

Orcha is a city having its origin during the medieval times of 16th Centaury built by Bundela rulers and has many old timed palaces and temples reflecting grand old beauty, which existed in those times. The City was built by a Rajput leader Rudra Pratap Singh. He chose Orcha city as the capital, because it was on the Banks of Betwa river.

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Signs of Friendship with Mughal Rulers:

The succeeding Ruler to Rudra Pratap Singh Raja Bir Singh contributed to the splendor of the city by constructing Jehangir Mahal. The palace is constructed in tiers and at the top there are highly graceful umbrella like structures. From the top of this Palace a view of all the temples having long tapering structures and other landmarks of the city.can be viewed with great mind satisfying scene.

Matching with the exterior craftsmanship, the interiors has exhibits of finest paintings of those times. The Laxminarayan Temple has very rich colored paintings on the wall reflecting art depiction of themes based on the religion followed by the local people and other independent thoughts of the medieval times. There are a number of memorial monuments constructed for posterity and tell their own history of their presence and add to the artistic beauty of the city.

The Congregation of Orcha Palaces:

There is a Fort Complex, which accommodates three grand palaces very near to each other. One of three palaces is Jehangir Mahal constructed by Raja Bir Singh during the Seventeenth century marking the visit of Emperor Jehangir topped with exquisite Umbrella like structures and is a combination of rich art of the period.

Raj Mahal was constructed by Madhukar Shah, a highly religious personality and was predecessor to Raja Bir Singh Ju Deothe

Paramour Memorial:

In those times a poetess and musician, Rai Praveen was extremely beautiful paramour of Raja Indramani  during the period 1672-76. She went to Delhi on the summons of Emperor Akbar, who also deeply impressed by her. She impressed upon Emperor her love for Indramani and the Emperor sent her back to Orcha. The Rai Praveen Mahal palace built as a memorial in her name.

Very majestically landscaped gardens of Anand Mahal has octagonal flower beds and bountiful of water supply system to keep the gardens ever green. There is highly Skill fully made structure allowing natural light into the Mahan having a Central Hall surrounded by small chambers.

Chaturbhuj Temple:

It was constructed on a huge stone platform, from where there are very high steps converging into the temple shape. The temple was supposed to have Idol of lord Ram, which was later on left to the wishes of Idol of Ram. The exterior are decorative symbols of lotus and other religious symbols.

Ram Raja Mandir:

It is a palace-turned-temple has a very attractive story behind. King Madhukar Shah had brought an idol of Lord Rama from Ayodhya to Orcha being the realization of a dream he had and later on it was installed in Chaturbhuj Temple. On attempting and having failed to move the idol and felt that it is the wish of the deity to remain where it is. Now there are high tapering structures built at the temple site and it is one of the finest temples in India and Ram is worshipped as a king.

Great Attraction for Adventuring Tourist

Kulu is great attraction for adventuring tourist having quest for trekking and hiking in all over the valley. River Beas stretches are used to do white-water rafting activity.


Travel Information:

By Air: Bhuntar Airport is just 10 km away from Kullu and is well linked with Delhi having daily flight service.

Train: The nearest railway station is at Jogindernagar 95 km away.

Road: The bus station is situated near banks of river Sarvari. Kullu is well connected by bus service with all the towns of northern India.

Taxi stand: It is at a short distance from National Highway. Taxi service is available for all major and surrounding towns.

Kulu Valley:

It has great variety of its charms, is situated on both sides of River Beas. In the olden times it was called Kulanthpitha the name given had the literal meaning that this is the end of human habitation. Beyond rose the grand Himmalayan Ranges heights are very intriguing sharp and upright making it very difficult to climb. Kullu valley was in accessible till the British Rule made it accessible with the rest of country.

Kulu Valley starts from North of Beas River and has a running length of 80 kilometers having a width of 2 kilometers and is fondly nick named as Silver Valley.

Kulu Town:

It has great popularity due to famous temples located here and pilgrims from distant places come over here to pay their pilgrimage to holy shrines. To pay for his sins during 17th Century Raja Jagat Singh installed the idol of Raghunath ji, brought by him from Ayodhya, on his throne and it took the status of presiding deity of the valley.

Kullu is located 1200 meters above sea level and is in the middle of Himachal Pradesh. At this place both Beas and Sarvari rivers merge in each other. It is situated at a distance of around 250 kilo meters from Shimla.

Weather of Kulu:

The summers are mild from the months of April and June and winters are cold from November to February. There is rainy season during the months of July to September.

Places to Visit at Kulu:

Kulu has a number of famous Temples, which are thronged by the visitors coming from all over the country for their reverence fort them.

Raghunath Temple:

The temple dates back to 1660, built by Raja Jagat Singh as a penance of his wrong doings while he ruled and brought from Ayodhya the Idol of Lord Ram and installed it in the temple.

Jagannathi Devi Temple:

It is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers from Kulu in village Bekhli. To reach there one has to climb the height, which may take one and half hour. From this height one can look at the panoramic view of Kulu.

The Bijli Mahadev Temple:

The Bijli Mahadev Temple is situated at a height of 2460 meters. The temple at many occasions is struck by the lightening an amazing natural phenomenon.

KULLU – Excursion Spots:

The Basheshwar Mahadev Temple:

The Basheshwar Mahadev Temple is situated at Bajura a place 15 kilometers away from Kullu and has exquisite carvings, making it popular for a visit.

Manikaran 45 km has its popularity because of presence of hot water sulphur springs. The place is situated at an altitude of 1737 meters surrounded by Parvati River valley. The hot springs has lot of popularity due to healing powers of sulphur in the water.

This place finds lot of pilgrimage of Hindus and the Sikhs from world over.

Kaisdhar 15 kilometers and Kasol 42 kilometers from Kulu are important picnic spots the latter being amidst pine forest.

Shoja 69 kilometers away from Kulu and is situated at altitude of 2692 meters. It provides from its great height a panoramic view of Kullu valley all around.

Raisan 13 kilometers from Kulu located on the banks of river Beas, and is a good location for trekking.

Hotels in Orcha

Orcha & its Hotels:

Orcha has great splendor depicted by the presence temples and palaces built by the Bundela Rajput rulers of Orcha to give the testimony of their beliefs, likings and tastes for architecture to the generations to come. Since the place is full ancient history kept alive, it has great prominence among the tourists visiting Orcha from destinations all over the world. The number of tourist visiting has increased tremendously over the past years.

A number of Good Hotels have come up at Orcha to accommodate the increasing of tourists to the town and have the true local décor of furnishings in the rooms providing great satisfactions living in these hotels and they recommend them to their friends, who plan to come to Orcha to view the rich grandeur of the town.


Category of Hotels:

The Hotels at Orcha are classified as Heritage Hotels providing excellent Indian hospitality amidst the ancient settings of the building they are housed in. One can feel the past glory and traditions by the paintings adoring the hotel rooms and rare artifacts displayed in the hotel.

First Class Hotels take care of the extravagance the foreign tourist accustomed to and their hotel service has an International Hotel touch.

Budget hotels provide all the basic amenities and are very popular among locals and low budget travelers, who have the objective of visiting many places with in the budget.

One thing, which is very common in all the Orcha Hotels, is that their location is very strategically suiting the tourist to visit all the temples and palaces of interest without having to cover long distances, which happens in other towns they visit.

Looking after Comforts of Tourists:

Hotels of Orcha ensure that their guests enjoy their stay and become their ambassadors in recommending the hotel they stayed in to their friends planning to visit Orcha.

The tourists on a low budget also find a smiling welcome service at the hotels they live in because the hotels have been looking to the foreign tourists and the hotel staff ensures that their guest is comfortable and satisfied because their business depends on guest satisfaction.

All the Hotels have their in house restaurant and provide best prepared variety oriental dishes, snacks and some of popular international food items with good service.

When planning a trip to Orcha, there is no need to be worried about, where to stay and what to eat.

Orcha Hotels:

Amar Mahal Orchha:

Amar Mahal is a Super Heritage Hotel located in Orchha. There is Rich Evidence of Royal Bundelkhandi Style Architecture. It provides the rare feeling of getting close to rich cultural history of the brave Bundel warriors. Royal Hospitality and matching comfort offer a wonderful Great Holiday style Value putting a sweet mark down the memory lane.

Majestic Rooms at Amar Mahal, Orchha:

Amar Mahal Orcha has more than Forty Superb Guest Rooms are Spacious having contemporary furnishings and Interior Decorations and Rare artifacts, stylish furniture which give the rooms the a sense of Royal Touch and lot of Comforts by providing all the modern amenities, which satisfies completely the needs of an international tourist.

Dining at Amar Mahal, Orchha:

Orchha’s Amar Mahal restaurant offers multi cuisine consisting of Indian, Continental and Chinese food. The Guest has a very rich gastronomical experience trying a number of dishes during his stay at Orcha.

There is a Café in the hotel, which allows the guest to enjoy coffee and read famous novels and best literature publishing available satisfying varied tastes and choices of the guests.

A abundantly stocked bar offers one chance to have taste of Grand Oriental and Foreign Liquors munching freshly baked Peanuts, cashews and pistachos.

Business at Amar Mahal, Orchha:

It is a nice setting for hosting Conferences and business meetings away form the madding crowd in a large conference room cum Banquet Hall.

The hotel has options to provide the Group tourists recreational facilities and entertainment.


There are services of Car Parking, Currency Exchange, Medical assistance, Car rental and Travel desk.

Hotel Savoy:

Accomodation 34 Rooms

Just near Old World of Charms, there is a contemporary facility of Hotel Orchha Resort, which has the distinction of a true first class hotel in Orchha. It has been created incorporating the ancient village theme true to Orcha style architecture. The Guest rooms have all the modern amenities.

Kaleva Restaurant – It is in-house restaurant of the hotel. The guests can fulfill their urge to have experience of tasting delicacies satisfying their taste buds. There are vegetarian, Continental, Chinese and local delicacies with rich aroma of oriental spices for a very satisfying smell and taste experience.

Bar – Hotel Orchha Resort has great variety of choicest oriental and foreign drinks.

Bundelkhand Riverside Hotel Orchha:

Accommodation Capacity 29 Rooms.

It is one of great options suiting persons who visit Orchha and do not want to put strain on their budget. It has plenty of comfort providing and memorable stay, which is very economically priced. It is situated very near River Betwa and offer genuine scenic view of river flowing with calm and provides excellent living experience.

The Guest Rooms are nicely furnished having categories of Deluxe Room and Standard Room. It is in reality a Home away from home with natural settings.

Sheesh Mahal Hotel Orchha:

Accomodation Capacity 8 Rooms.

It has been created to provide genuine comfortable living to travelers offering moderate rates and all the facilities looking to their comfort and needs. True to its name it has plenty of mirrors used in its decoration. Externally it has blue glasses.

Besides Maharaja and Maharani Suite, there are double rooms, twin sharing rooms and single rooms, meeting the actual needs of guest.

Dining at Sheesh Mahal Hotel, Orchha:

The Guests have wonderful experience to have economically priced highly delicious dishes served in the restaurant of the hotel.

Orcha – Travel to India

The 16th Century City:

Orcha is a city having its prominence related to the 16th and 17th Century, when the various Orcha kings settled on this land and made it as capital of their kingdom and like all other kingdoms of the times had built massive Royal Palaces and temples to mark their rule over the territory.



The Settlement of kingdom:

The First to arrive on the scene was a Rajput leader Rudra Pratap, who preferred the location as his kingdom because it was situated on the Banks of Betawa River. Other succeeding prominent ruler of the clan was Raja Bir Singh ju Deo, who built Jehangir Mahal, which is a tiered structure and has a number of highly decorative, umbrella like structures on it a sign of Orcha Rule over the area of the kingdom. The Jehangir Palace has very highly decorative exterior designs reflecting the royal taste and the interior walls are having rich paintings pertaining to the Orcha art was developing exclusively different from the arts of other regions.



The Panoramic View:

Over the top of Jehangir Mahal one can have the view of the entire city, having Palaces, Temples and Memorials of medieval times. It has a very panoramic beauty filled look and is a place of attraction from visitors across the globe, having interest in studying various civilizations regarding how they developed their fine art, which still looks fresh and has the tales of the past coming live, when viewed.

The Prominent Places past glory and attraction are the following master pieces created by the ten rulers for posterity:

Chaturbhuj Temple:

It has been constructed on a huge stone based platform, from where there are very high steps converging into the temple shape. The temple was constructed to install image of Ram on it, but when all the attempts to remove the heavy image from Rama Raj temple failed, it was understood that the wish of the idol of Ram is to remain in Raja Ram temples and was allowed to remain there after.

The exterior of Chatturbhuj Temple is highly decorated with big structures of lotus and other religious symbols on its walls. The interiors of the Chatturbhuj Temple have very richly colored paintings depicting Orcha Art as it existed in those times and is significantly different from other arts which exist in the temples of other regions.

Ram Raja Mandir:

it is a palace-turned-temple has a very attractive story behind it. King Madhukar Shah had brought an idol of Lord Rama from Ayodhya to Orcha as the realization of a dream he had dreamt and later on it was to be installed in Chaturbhuj Temple, which was under construction for the purpose, but the story changed the very purpose of building Chatterbhuj temple.

According to the story the Idol of Lord Rama was attempted to shift to the newly built Chatturbhuj Temple, but all the attempts failed to move the heavy lord Rama Idol. Seeing this King felt that the Lord Ramah Idol does not wish to be installed at Chatturbhuj Temple. So at the last moment it was decided to let the Lord Rama Idol  remain in Ram Raja Mandir only fulfilling the wish of the Idol.

Now there are high tapering construction is built at the temple site and it is one of the finest temples in India and Ram is worshipped as a king. The interior walls of the temple have very rich painting of the medieval times depicting the culture and love of the people for the art.

Laxminarayan Temple and Ram Raja Temple:

They are linked by a highly decorated Flag Stone Path. It is a mixture of palace as well as temple marking the origin and the purpose for which it is used.

The other places of interest are:

Phool Bagh with central row of fountains and was a summer retreat for the Orcha kings.  It has a system of water collection, where water collected after falling from the roof in droplet forms in a receptacle called Chandan Katora and looked like artificial rainfall in eth underground palace.

Dinman Hardaul’s Memorial: Hardaul was son of Bir Singh Ju Deo was killed at this place on a charge of suspicion, people believe that he was innocent and is worshipped.

Sunder Mahal palace:

Presently in a ruin state and is visited by Muslims for a pilgrimage. Dhurjban son of Jhujhar, was converted to Islam by wedding a Muslim girl at Delhi.

There are fourteen in number umbrella like structures in memory of rulers of Orcha, lining the Kanchana Ghats of river Betwa.

Guest post by uKisiela

India – Safety Tips

Safety is your foremost concern while traveling anywhere. Travelers often fall prey to perpetrators as they generally don’t take proper measures before embarking on a journey.

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1.Don’t write your home address and telephone number on the luggage. Instead keep your address inside. Don’t wear name tags in public. If on business trip, remove your tag while you leaving conference room or hotel.

2.Stay with your luggage until it is checked.

3.Keep your passport, credit cards, driving license and other important documents in separate hand bag. Deposit it in the hotel’s safe as soon as you get one.

4.Keep a small flashlight handy, you never know when you’ll suddenly find yourself in the dark.

5.Don’t wear jewelry and other items that project affluence.

6.Travel with one or two credit cards only, if possible. Keep sufficient credit in your account. Also keep the help numbers to call in case of theft of credit cards.

7.Don’t accept anything edible from strangers.

8.Don’t eat anything from roadside vendors. Drink only bottled water. Check the seal and date of packaging.

9.Keep your prescription medicines with you.

10.At hotel, staying at ground level may give you easier exit in case there is a fire, but you are increased risk of easier accessibility of those who have criminal intentions. Staying at first or second floor near staircase or lift will be more safe.

11.Check your room carefully for any installed bugs. Check the door, peephole from inside and outside. Also check smoke alarm and test it by pushing test button if it beeps.

12.Always use stairs if a fire smoke is detected.

13.Don’t hire unmarked taxi cabs. Sit behind the driver so that you can see him bur he cannot see you from the rear glass. Pay the driver only after reaching your destination and while you are still siting in the car.

14.Beware of staged road accidents. They might be meant to just catch you off-card.

15.Let your friends or hotel reception know where you are moving out. Keep their numbers to call in case of any eventuality.

16.If traveling with kids, bring recent photographs of each kid in case you become separated from them.

17.Don’t discuss your travel plans or any other personal information in public. Beware of eavesdroppers.

18.Cover yourself under travel insurance and health insurance.

19.Make sure that you carry first aid supplies with you.

20.Research and check about local weather. Decide the clothes accordingly.

Trips to India

India is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. There are many vacation packages available with irresistible discounts.

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, India. This place is famous for its Dehradooni basmati rice (unique and delicious Indian rice) and its rich Lychee plantation. The city offers a lot of cheap vacation deals to lure foreigners to visit their country. More tourists will definitely be a big help to their economy.

Here are some of the recommended Dehrandun hotels that offer all inclusive deals for your vacation.


East India Golden Triangle

This hotel offers a 5 nights and 6 days all inclusive vacation. The package consists of twin sharing accommodation and daily meals that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. There will be an air conditioned shuttle that will pick your group from airport to hotel and will tour you to the city. The bus to be used is All Indian Tourist shuttle, the official shuttle of the city.

You will be provided with a guided tour who speaks English fluently. You will not have to pay any entrance fees in the attractions you will visit. It has been all covered for. The package will likewise include all applicable taxes also. You do not need to worry about it.

However, it does not cover any dining expenses you will incur on your own, outside of the tour. It also does not cover international airfare. You will also have to pay for your own laundry and telephone expenses, airport tax and travel insurance and other services you will get that is not listed in the tour package.

This cheap hotel deal is more than enough to bring you to a whole tour of India. You can have nice and easy access of the famous sites and the beaches in Dehradun. The destinations are Bhubaneshwar, Puri, konarak and back to Bhubaneshwar in proper order.

If you are looking for a longer vacation, Kerala Package Tour India is the best for you. They have 9 nights / 10 days package. This package costs 1,349 US dollars per person. This package includes twin sharing basis hotel accommodation, full board basis accommodation to all places nearby, air conditioned shuttle for hotel transfers, sight seeing tours and all drives, boat ride to Thekkady, plantation visit
driver’s fee, monument entrances, and applicable taxes present in the time of vacation.

It will not include any meals, personal expenses like telephone calls, services not specified in the package deal, air and train fares, and travel insurance. You will also have to pay extra to get English speaking guides.

The tour itinerary will cover Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kovalam, Kanyakumari and Trivandrum in proper order.

Medieval Heritage of India is a trip for 17 nights and 18 days. The destinations include Delhi, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Orchha, Gwalior, Shivpuri, Ujjain, Mandu, Bhopal, Sanchi, Bhopal, Pachmarhi, Jabalpur and Mumbai in proper order. This costs 1,499 US dollars per person.

This includes hotel accommodation on twin sharing basis. It will also cover breakfast, lunch and dinner on all days of your trip. It will also cover airport, hotel and city transfer accommodation. There will be a boat ride for Varanasi. Train fare in sleeper class will be fully air conditioned. The package also includes English speaking guides, monument entrance fees, and other applicable taxes available during the time of trip.

This does not include meals taken outside of the tour, international airfare, personal expenses, insurance and taxes for airports and travel, and services not stated above.

There are many more vacation packages that can be offered all around Dehradun. When you take these package trips, you will surely drop by Dehradun. You can experience nice Dehradun while having these vacation trips. This will give you more than just a trip to India; it will give you cheaper prices for you to experience.

Explore India through Dehradun. You will see the beautiful and vast rice plantation not typically seen in other cities. Take these vacation packages if you have time. This will take one month of your time, the most. But you can take the shorter trip which is 6 days and 5 nights.

Health Insurance and Travel Insurance in India

Every Individual cares for saving money while yearning for alternatives in investing. In Some investment forms, tax-saving doesn’t compliment with Investment. The purpose of investment is to extract profits in due course of time. The mindset of any small time or big investor is always making handsome profits in short span of time. However there are others who think that long term investments can benefit them financially and mentally by giving them peace of mind so they are always open to suggestive options. One of such suggestive investment option is putting money in Insurance. There are basically two types of insurance; Life Insurance and General Insurance.


General Insurance in developing countries has huge potential because population at large needs to be covered. So we can now find several companies entering insurance arena to fulfill the requirements of masses. The major hindrance in this is creating market awareness about the product and its customized benefits to the individual or family.

India is one of the fastest developing countries in terms of Insurance services. There are numerous companies in India that provides Insurance products some of them are ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Allianz ,Tata Aig, Reliance General and others.

Some of the popular Insurance products that are available in the market are: Health Guard Health Insurance , Travel Companion, Health advantage Plus, Family floater plans, Student Companion, Reliance health wise policy, Travel care policy, Tata Aig Maharaksha.

For non-tangible assets we can find few MNC’s as well as PSU that provide such type of insurance some of them are LIC, ICICI Prudential, Bharti Axa and others.

Of all the above products health insurance is the most sought after product due to sky rocketing expenses for health related treatments. Again while considering health insurance we should be aware of the company that provides right kind of policy with minimum premium. There is a catch and that being some companies promote their products without highlighting the riders which people may not know while buying policy. So it is better to visit the official website of such companies rather than depending on multi-insurance provider agencies.

My 10 Reasons To Visit India

“Why India” can either have many answers or you can stick to one. It completely holds to you why you want to discover it.

Some find its indian civilization interesting with its foundation layed more than 5000 year ago and some give its due to the ambiance which they recieve.

Today, India is perpetual mix of modern and traditions. This more or less gives it a unique USP which visitors love to explore.

Since the days of yore, many travellers were impressed by India. What made them come to India lies in the engima attached. Here comprehending the FAMOUS 10 for India could be a bit difficult but then “‘THEY” make this land popular.


Taj Mahal:
I call Taj Mahal an epic in white. The exuberant monument was created by Shahjahan in commemoration of his beloved wife. This history still remember each phase of this era when a Mughal ruler created a masterpiece . At that time, he may not have realized that he is creating one of the SEVEN wonders of the world.

Forts and Palaces of Rajasthan:
If Taj Mahal was built by a Mughal rulers, there are innummerable forts and palaces which dots the western landscape of India – Rajasthan. The artistary done are eye tonic and is a paradise for those who love exquisite craftsmanship. The famous one which que travellers are Amber Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Ranthambore Fort… The list seems to be endless.

Camel Safari:

Once you are in Rajasthan, safari is one this which you are bound to do. Navigating Thar desert while holding the hump of camel is impressive enough. Watching traditional villages on the way, could add cherry on the cake as it would give you a brief picture of Rajasthan culture and lifestyle. Unlike the cities, the villages carries the essence of the traditions followed by people over the ages.

Khajuraho Temples:
Included in World Heritage Site, Khajuraho temples is supposed to be one of its kind in the world. Erotic sculptures beautifully ornate the walls of the temples and reflects the ideology of the famous book ” Kamsutra”.

Palace on Wheels:
Chugging this train on Delhi -Rajasthan highway could be an experience in itself. The royalty it exudes with ideal hospitality make it popular amongst the foreign travellers. This is one of the most popular and expensive way of travelling through train as the locomotive dresses itself in luxury and style exhibiting the traditional rajasthani culture.

As old as Indian civilization itself, Ayurveda is not taken as a medicinal therapy but as holistic science which rejuvenates mind, body and soul. Ayurveda is simply uses the most basic herbs and exercises. Kerala and Rishikesh are amongst the top rated ayurvedic destinations in India.

Himalayas shadows India, it protects India and is indispensible part from its landscape. The region gives a major boost to tourism which includes many adventure activities which you need to explore.

Kerala Backwaters:
Transport yourself to another zone – an abode of blue waters, with quaint coconut trees lined up to make picture postcard look. Experience the intoxicating beauty of Kerala backwaters on your visit to one of the most interesting places of Southern zone.

Traveling to India

There are some important things to remember when you travel to India. If you follow my advice you will not get sick and you will be safe.


Always be sure to bring YOUR OWN bottled water. The water supply there can not be trusted to be germ free and sanitary. You can pack bottled water from home in your checked bag.

Always be sure to bring plenty of canned food. Restaurants do not always have the best sanitary conditions when preparing your food in India.

Be sure not to drink anything with ice for the same reason you bring bottled water (the ice came from their water…).

Be sure not to brush your teeth with the running water in your hotel room. It is best to use the bottled water to rinse your mouth out.

Be sure to always bring a bacteria killing sanitizer such as Purell. Rub it on your hands frequently throughout the day. Another good idea is to rub that sanitizer on the toilet before each use.

Hire a driver to take you to your destination. The taxis with three wheels are not safe so you should try to avoid them if at all possible.

Do not trust bottled water that you may purchase in India. It is not safe and may be no different than drinking their running water.

Do not leave food out in your room as the monkeys will take it away… I know that sounds funny but I’m not kidding.

You will be faced with panhandlers constantly so be prepared.

If you are traveling to Mumbai I suggest you stay at the Grand Hyatt.

On the positive side of traveling to India

The people in India are very well educated.

Most of the people there speak English which makes things much easier in any country.

Most of the people are hard working and want to be successful.


Wildlife Travel Destinations in India

Over 350 species of mammals and above 1225 categories of birds are found in India some of them being endemic to India. Some of the unique species of wildlife in India are Golden Langur, Namdapha flying squirrel, Lion tailed macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Nilgiri Tahr, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Asiatic Lion, Nilgai, the Spiral Horned Black Buck, the four horned Chausingha.


India has earmarked approximately 4.2 % of the total geo-area for Wildlife Safari Tour, Wildlife Trips India conversation to protect this unique wildlife that forms a distinctive part of the world fauna. 85 National Parks and 448 wildlife sanctuaries are developed within Indian national territory and they are maintained by their respective authorities with due care and attention

Corbett National Park, Keoladeo National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, Pench National Park, Ranthambore National Park and Kaziranga National Park are the most preferred wildlife destinations among wildlife travellers in India. However there are lots’s to explore among serious wildlife Enthausast and Researchers. Operating the most unique wildlife observation travel in India and Nepal has crystallized our commitment to create comprehensive itineraries and providing you with the highest security and quality assurances for our guest.

Some of the best jewels of Indian wilderness include the Great Himalayan National Park, Dachigam National Park near Srinagar, Corbett National Park in Uttar Pradesh, which is also a famous tiger reserve, Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, and Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal. Worth visiting in the East Indian part in “The Land of Rhino” Assam is Kaziranga.

Feel the excitement of seeing a majestic tiger prowling in a jungle, or elephants and rhinos trampling their way through the tall grass of a National Park in India. See amazing animals on wildlife safari tours in India. Spot wild creatures and explore nature tracts inhabited by rare birds on India Wildlife Tours.

Tourist places in India are exciting, but far more exciting many is to be in the confines of an Indian wildlife sanctuary or national park. Away from the confines of concrete jungles that cover most part of the big cities, greenery and fresh air provided by these India wildlife destinations are far cry from the usual. To hit the jungle trail on a wildlife vacation in India is an experience not to be missed.

Most Beautiful Place on Earth

India… a world in itself; nowhere else can one find such diversity, such beauty, such purity and such contentment as in India. India is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. It is world of innocent beauty, challenging adventure, energizing culture, colorful festivals and cultural tour.


Exciting transports from luxury coaches, car and jeeps to camels, elephants and horses, Most modern aircraft to dug-out canoe and accommodations in luxury Hotels, Palaces and Havalies., All making a very extra ordinary experience in India.

The land of India is captivating and famous in travelers for its World Heritage sites as well as world heritage monuments and palaces like Taj Mahal, Orcha, Jama Masjid, Jantar Mantar, India Gate, Kutab Minar, Ajanta & Ellora Caves, Agra fort, Khajuraho Temple, Mehrangarh Fort and many more. It is famous for hill station tours to Shimla, Goa, leh and ladakh Manali, Nainital, Darjeeling etc.

Desert tour to Rajasthan, historical tour and culture tour; for its ever-demanding medical tourism, Ayurveda tourism and Yoga tourism and for its royal Tour will be really unforgettable for life long. All these features of Indian tours and travels symbolize Incredible India as place of cultural diversity.

India is a land of famous adventure tourism destinations. There are several wildlife parks and sanctuaries in India providing abundant scope for the nature lover tourists and adventurous tourists to treasure the beauty of wildlife.

Indian wildlife parks and sanctuaries are rich in their flora and fauna. The wild animals and mind-blowing scenery of dense Indian parks and sanctuaries attract tourists from all over the world. Each and every wildlife parks and sanctuaries of India have its unique charm and variety to offer its visitors.